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Furisode (振袖) is a style of kimono distinguishable by its long sleeves, which range in length from 85 centimeters for a kofurisode (小振袖) to 114 centimeters for an ōfurisode (大振袖).

Furisode are the most formal style of kimono worn by unmarried women in Japan.

Many parents buy the Furisode for their daughters to celebrate this significant point in a young woman’s life. Furisode is a formal kimono for single women, it is brightly colored and made of very fine quality silk. In the very modest Japanese society wearing a Furisode is a very obvious statement. It is a very loud and clear advertisement that the single woman is available for marriage. (x)

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(via Great Kakigōri on a hot day! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)


(via Great Kakigōri on a hot day! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)


You run, hit, jump, fly, and flip like a girl? Keep doing it. It’s working.


Q. What’s a Western language historian’s favourite food?

A. P.I.E.


People will stop watching shows & buying merch when the actors do something they disagree with.

People will stop going to restaurants when the owners are shown to be intolerant.

People boycott stores when they see ads that they don’t agree with.

People will make the connection that their money equals their support

until a vegan tells them buying meat supports the torture of animals.